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The main objectives of the API pedagogy:

  • Refreshing the curriculum of activities in education.

  • New approaches to professional pedagogical work.

  • Education for sustainable development.

  • Consolidating, promoting and developing openness to the use of active innovative methods of education.

  • Use of didactic aids and various sources of learning.

  • Evaluating learning.

  • Upgrading expertise by introducing new approaches.

  • Promoting experiential outdoor learning.

  • Professional and disciplinary development.

  • E-book of abstracts + Textbook : learning about human rights and fundamental freedoms with the help of bees - for a healthy and solidary society.

  • pedagogical work that includes biodiversity, environmental protection, health, healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, human rights and fundamental freedoms, apitherapy and beekeeping.



Institute for the development of empathy and creativity Eneja

President of the conference: Nina Ilič, Slovenia

What do we do?


  • API pedagogy program development 

  • API kindergarten pedagogical program

  • Terra apis pedagogical program 

  • Education of pedagogical workers in cooperation with Ministry of Education, Science and Sport Slovenia and Municipality of Ljubljana.

  • Development of professional pedagogical programs on the topic of bees and apitherapy.

  • International network of api programs and proffesional support for educators.

  • Program of lectures, workshops and animations at the Meliferous Educational Garden.

  • Development of integrated tourist package.

  • API team bulding program.

  • API school program.

  • Holiday apitherapy camp for children. 

  • Professional networking and cooperation at the national and interstate level

Call for papers

Simona Gostinčar, President of the Expert Council at Institute Eneja:

view video in you tube - article about bee democracy and collective intelligence

Michelle Jose, 13-year-old-beekeeper

her aim is to promote apiculture as a hobby, conservation of bees and sustainable source of income.