Official language of the conference: English

API pedagogy - an international professional and scientific conference is supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia. It is included in the Slovenian national catalog of professional training of education professionals. Attendance at the conference is evaluated with 0.5 points for promotion.

About "API pedagogy 2022"


Here is why you should not miss this magnificient event: 


API pedagogy is the first international conference for educators of its kind in the world!

It is your opportunitiy to create it with us!

Mutual learning and professional support.

Profession, science, bees & beehive products on meeting point

What are the objects of the conference?

  • Refreshing the curriculum of activities in education.

  • New approaches to professional pedagogical work.

  • Education for sustainable development.

  • Consolidating, promoting and developing openness to the use of active innovative methods of education.

  • Use of didactic aids and various sources of learning.

  • Evaluating learning.

  • Upgrading expertise by introducing new approaches.

  • Promoting experiential outdoor learning.

  • Professional and disciplinary development.

  • E-book of abstracts + e-Textbook : learning about human rights and fundamental freedoms with the help of bees - for a healthy and solidary society.

  • pedagogical work that includes biodiversity, environmental protection, health, healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, human rights and fundamental freedoms, apitherapy and beekeeping.

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How to participate?