Themes of the Conference

Topic 1: Local community support and ethnological-cultural framework.
Topic 2: Apiturism and pedagogy.
Topic 3: Democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in API programs.
Topic 4: Beekeeping, apitherapy, biodiversity and pedagogical programs.


Foto: Luka Dakskobler

API programs should be pedagogical programs for learning about the essential components of quality of life, such as empathy, critical thinking, creativity, health, biodiversity, cooperation and solidarity, respect, family and friendship, hygiene, horticulture, apitherapy (targeted use of bee products) and healthy lifestyle and diet.

Human rights and fundamental freedoms are undoubtedly among the elements of quality of life, so in the API kindergarten program we also focus on them, as democracy with human rights and fundamental freedoms is in good harmony with the principles of bee family life and education for sustainable development.