Evaluation Criteria

The following criteria will be applied in the evaluation of submissions:


Originality: Is the professional work original in nature? How does it contribute to the existing knowledge base on teacher education and teacher education policy regarding API pedagogy?  

Does presented API program contain focus on pedagogical work that includes biodiversity and/or environmental protection and/or health and/or healthy lifestyle and/or healthy diet and/or human rights and fundamental freedoms, apitherapy and/or beekeeping?*


Impact: Does the abstract address an important question about API pedagogy and the main conference themes? How does the educational practice promote scientific findings in the field of teacher education and API pedagogy?  


Quality of API program: Is the educational practice design clearly described, including research approach, sample, context and analysis? If the abstract contains an overview of previous research, are the review criteria and the method of analysis clearly described?


Conclusions: Are the conclusions clear and realistic? Are the conclusions supported by the data? Are the conclusions relevant for teacher education and API pedagogy?


Quality of the presentation: Is the paper clearly written? Are the study objectives, methods and results easy to understand and applicable in different environments?